Practicing Self Care

The Aspects of Self-Care

These days, self-care is more important than ever. And yet, it is something we frequently neglect and often disregard as un-important because we think we are selfish. But if we do not take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others?  This article will discuss the benefits of practicing self-care.
Although we usually think of self-care as related to our physical well-being, we also must take care of other aspects of our lives. Therefore, adequate self-care involves building skills for each of these aspects.

Mental Care

This aspect refers to activities we do to help keep our minds sharp and alert. These activities can range from something as simple as doing a crossword puzzle or playing Sudoku every day. This small change may lead you to more long-term pursuits, such as learning a new language. You may even decide to take online courses in subjects that interest you or others you may want to explore.

Emotional Care

This aspect of self-care involves learning how to deal with and manage your emotions positively and productively. For instance, this may include setting aside time to meet with loved ones or talk with a professional therapist about your feelings. It may also involve learning how to control emotions such as anger.

Spiritual Care 

You do not have to be religious to practice spiritual development since it involves searching for deeper meaning in life. For some people, this aspect of caring for themselves may include attending religious services by going to church regularly.
Others may choose more secular practices such as meditation, practicing mindfulness, and going on nature walks. Whatever your preference, make sure you get involved in your spiritual care.

Social Care 

It is crucial for our continued emotional and mental health that we maintain good relationships with other people. Social self-care could involve spending more time with your loved ones. You could also reconnect with people that you have neglected in the past when you learn what self-care practices are.
On the other hand, social self-care can also mean setting boundaries and establishing limits. Taking the time you need to be by yourself and doing activities you enjoy is essential for social self-care.

Creating an Integrated Regimen

Ensuring that we are serving all the different aspects of self-care is the key to enjoying a truly healthy life. But how will we ensure that we pay adequate attention and give enough care to each element without becoming overwhelmed? Here are some tips:

Where are you in each type?

Ask yourself: Am I adequately taking care of myself physically? Mentally? Is there an aspect of self-care that I neglect? What areas in my life I need to give immediate attention?
When you have determined that there is an aspect of self-care that needs more attention rather than neglect, make a list of the activities you think you need. Then classify them based on what type of self-care you have decided adequately to address.

Create Your Routine

Create a routine that brings together the various aspects of your self-care needs. For instance, you can start by allocating a set time every day for exercise. Then you can also set a time to meditate. Once you have created a schedule to take care of things, you need to do them daily. You can also select other activities. For instance, you can arrange a lunch date with a friend or make time to call your mother.
Building skills for self-care involves having to invest time and effort. But enjoying better health and more fulfilling relationships makes the investment worth it.  When you do these things, you will experience the many health benefits of practicing self-care.
Do you think self-care is important?
Thank you.
Pat Bracy


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a year ago

I strongly believe in self care techniques. Thank you so much for the descriptive article regarding various self care approaches. I especially like to focus on emotional well-being to overall health.

Alvenia Rhodes
a year ago

Self care is important but we tend to take care of everyone else except ourselves. I'm going to start and follow it thru because I always tend to put others ahead over again