the President's message

The Philosophy of AFBBI is to provide students with training that has been designed:

To impart Revelation and Knowledge of God's Word practically, enlighten and enrich students spiritually.

To impart the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, which is vital to fulfill the task of reaching the whole world with the Gospel, and to minister to the needs of the people with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Theoretical Contents of the Degree Courses offered by AFBBI adequately cover all the essential Biblical Doctrines and Principles, which would challenge and motivate the students to maintain the highest spiritual standards, both in their personal lives and in their ministry, without violating the Word of God.

The Highlights and the Unique Features of the curriculum of AFBBI are that the Courses are written straightforwardly and practically. This curriculum segment has been designed and plugged into the curriculum to facilitate Spiritual, Leadership, and Church Growth.

Numerous comments have been received about the impact the Courses offered have had in the personal lives and the ministry of many who are servants of God.

It is my conviction and firm belief that every prospective student of AFBBI, regardless of background and calling, will find the course materials provided by AFBBI in the curriculum of various degree programs very relevant, meaningful, practical, and challenging. In addition, students will be prepared to successfully achieve their ministry goals as they optimize the use of all the available resources. As a result, students will be equipped to advance the Kingdom of God in a meaningful and unprecedented way when facing today's challenges.

In His Service,
Dr. Pat Bracy