How To Stick To Exercise

Start and Stick to Your Exercise Routine

Have you ever tried starting an exercise program with intense enthusiasm, only to fall flat in the motivation meter after a week? Well, you are not alone. Lots of people have this dilemma too. They start exercising with lots of motivation, only to stop for a few weeks after losing their motivation.  You will learn how to stick to your exercise.

Have you ever considered why this happens?


Indeed, building the skills necessary for sticking to an exercise program can be extremely tough. In addition, motivation can quickly come and go.
Hence, in this post, I will tackle why people suddenly abandon exercise programs and why they suddenly lack the motivation to start an exercise.
I will also give you tips on successfully starting and sticking to an enjoyable exercise routine.

Motivation: A Key Factor in Exercise


We all know that regular physical activity does wonders for our bodies. We will experience better blood circulation, toned muscles, a healthier heart, and a ripped body. All these come from a consistent exercise program. And all these things also serve as motivation for you to jump right into an exercise routine.
Motivation leads everyone to action.  It is the driving force that enables people to push through workouts and keep at it. Inspiration comes from knowing the goal of why you exercise in the first place. 

When Motivation is Lost


There are times; the motivation to exercise can go astray, and you have no idea how to stick to exercise. Perhaps you lost your inspiration in these situations:
*The scale is not budging, and your weight remains the same despite your efforts to exercise.
*You suddenly felt fatigued after completing your exercise routine.
*Your appetite soared.
*You have been eating way too much ever since you started exercising.
*Work, school, family, and other commitments prevented you from working out consistently.
All these factors can make you stop your workout efforts, reverting you to a life with lesser physical activity. Suddenly, you lose sight of the goals you have made for yourself. Unfortunately, losing your motivation can happen anytime, even if you are only days into an exercise routine.

Tips for Starting and Sticking to a Consistent Exercise Program


The key to consistency in exercise is to keep yourself happy as you work out.  Here are some tips you may apply as you plan and go through your exercise program:  Also, make sure you have the right apparel.  I do not recommend buying everything you see; however, it boosts your attitude towards exercising when you purchase workout gear of your style and in your favorite color.


The following suggestions will show you how to stick to exercise.


1. add variety to your exercise program.

Shake things up to keep yourself from being bored with your routine. Do not rely on a single set of exercises on all your workout days. For instance, you can:
*Alternate your running days
*Add Zumba moves
*Dance to your heart’s content
*Throw in a bit of strength training
*Do Pilates and yoga poses
New exercise routines give you something to look forward to, challenge your body, and keep your motivation up. Do not worry if you are just initially building the skills needed for these new routines. You do not need to perfect your workout routines right away.
Remember that exercise should not be a chore; it should be fun! Seek your physician or trainer’s approval on the kinds of new workouts you can safely perform. They can even suggest activities that you did not consider before.


2. Do not be too hard on yourself.


Just because the scale numbers are not budging after a week of working out does not mean your efforts are rubbish. Set realistic goals and be gentle to yourself!
Forgive yourself if you missed a workout day because you have been too busy.  Let your body heal and relax, as well.  Meditate, recite positive affirmations, and keep your thoughts fresh.  All these things will do wonders to keep your motivation in check.


3. Go for long-term goals.


Long-term goals prevent you from assessing yourself and your exercise routine prematurely. These goals may include getting an overall healthier body, lowering your cholesterol levels, or becoming fit to live longer.
Short-term goals, such as reaching a bikini-perfect body, will not work well enough to motivate you to exercise consistently. What if you did not get your desired body shape after a month of exercising according to your routine? Will you quit? Most likely, so. But if you think of being healthy in the long run, you will likely continue your exercise program and eventually make it a lifetime habit.


In A Nutshell


The motivation to exercise can quickly go away. Hence, you will need to start with a long-term goal, shake up your exercise routines to avoid boredom, and be gentle to yourself. Carry on with the workouts, and your body will thank you in the long run! 
Thank you
Pat Bracy


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