Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

Six Hindrances to Starting a

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss Plan


The Major Reason For the Hindrances is That Most of Us Dislike Change.

Change is making or becoming something or someone different. We face many challenges when it comes to changing our habits, especially our eating habits. It is especially true when realizing just how hard we perceive it would be to change. However, in heart, we are ready. In addition, the right speech and the frame of mind must be present.

You are about to discover what changes are necessary to start a healthy eating journey. Making changes can be challenging when you are used to eating whenever and whatever you feel like eating. Most people will drive miles to satisfy a craving for something not readily available in the home. They do not say there is no food in the house; it is just that the food we want is not there. So how do we eliminate the hindrances that keep us from eating healthy for weight loss?

Can you count the number of times you have started healthy eating for the weight loss program? Do you remember what happened to get you off course? Neither do I. However, we know that we felt defeated because we failed to meet the challenge of changing how we eat. As a result, it becomes easy to find excuses to quit pursuing healthy eating for weight loss.
Let us look at some hindrances or pitfalls to starting or staying healthy eating for weight loss and fitness plan.  We will also discuss tips on what to do to get and stay on track. 

Hindrance #1


The fear of missing out on good food hinders people from eating healthy for weight loss plans. However, the idea that we will have to miss out on good nutrition is inaccurate. You may be eating different food, but that is not to say it will not taste good. Instead, you will probably change your whole approach to food and start cooking differently. Your taste buds will soon adjust, and you will be well on your way to healthy eating. If you think you cannot eat good food and have convinced your mind, change your thinking.  You can eat good food.
Start thinking about all the delicious gourmet foods you can eat on this healthy living weight loss plan.  Stop telling your mind that you are going to starve. Instead, assure your mind that you can eat as much food as you want if you eat it in certain combinations. Before you get started on your journey, do your research.  There is healthy eating for weight loss programs that consider the needs and preferences of dieters.  Therefore, they carefully choose the main ingredients of foods based on the user's likes.  Make sure you choose a diet for healthy eating that fits your preferences and tastes buds.

Hindrance #2


The fear of failing to keep up with the plan once you get started is a hindrance. It would help if you began to assure yourself that you could do this and repeat it as much as possible. Then, your mind will trust you and even believe that what you say is true. Your mind will do and believe whatever you tell it to do and think.

You say to your mind, "I have tried eating right so many times in the past. However, I find myself going back to my old eating habits without ever reaching my weight loss goal."

You can change this by changing your mind. Tell your mind I will never quit. I will keep on until I reach my goal. If I fail, I will immediately get up and start again. You can put an end to the fear of failing. You can do this by examining your actions during your last one, two, or even three attempts. Find out where you went wrong. Do you see a pattern of what led you to fail or quit? What about your excuses? What did you say to yourself to justify getting off your plan?

For most people, it is; I cannot do this now. I will start again tomorrow. However, tomorrow never seems to come. Review your mistakes as a steppingstone to keep you from failing again. Once you complete an honest assessment of your dieting behavior, be determined not to do that same thing again. Tell your mind that you have learned from your mistakes and not made the same mistakes this time.

Hindrance #3

You say I can not work because I will starve myself if I want to lose weight. It is probably one of the biggest lies you have told your mind. The truth is, you do not have to starve yourself.

If you have been on a healthy eating weight loss diet before, you know this is not true. First, after a few days of eating healthy foods – you will feel an increase in your energy. If you exercise in addition, your energy will rise to a greater level.

Hindrance #4


You say to yourself: I cannot eat out on Sundays and during special occasions, which are traditions I love.
Tell your mind the truth: there is no reason for you to stop this tradition.  All you need to do is choose the foods you can eat depending on the diet plan. For instance, if you are on a high protein diet, you can eat as much grilled meat. In addition, you can mix it with various vegetables.     If your intention is fruits and vegetables – then stick with them.  In other words, eat foods included in the plan of your choice in any combination you like.  Remember not to overeat. Be especially careful with foods high in sugar and fat.
Finally, you can treat this one day as the day to "cease from dieting." You can eat whatever you want if you tell your mind that this is a one-day-a-week thing. Staying on the healthy eating for weight loss diet the rest of the week will help you lose weight.

Hindrance #5


My job requires me to travel and stay in hotels, and I cannot diet and eat the hotel's food. Tell your mind that you will order what you want to eat when staying in a hotel. Then you will choose to order healthy food. If you are on a low-fat diet, you should order low-fat food. You will probably be able to find low-fat food in the hotel's buffet.

Follow the same guidelines if you are on a low-carb diet. You can order fish, meat, low-carb vegetables, and other carbohydrate substitutes. Not losing weight because you are staying in a hotel or traveling is an invalid excuse. This hindrance should no longer stop you from pursuing your healthy eating for weight loss plan.

Hindrance #6


Many people seem to be overweight and very happy. Why should I put myself through a healthy lifestyle for a weight loss plan when I am satisfied? You are probably right but are you honest with yourself. Are you happy, or are you trying to make yourself comfortable? It happens because of past failures in reaching healthy eating for weight loss goals. The question to ask yourself now is: Am I satisfied with myself?

If you answer yes and honestly believe you are, healthy living for weight loss may not be for you. On the other hand, if you answer no to being happy with yourself, you should find a plan. First, look for one that will meet your needs and align with your preferences.

These six hindrances can no longer be your excuses. You now have information to help you change your mind. In doing so, you will change your actions which will change your results.

Please feel free to leave commits regarding any hindrances you may have that are not listed above.

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Pat Bracy


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