One Cheat Day Diet

Cheat Without Sabotage

Fitness trainers occasionally recommend indulging in a cheat diet, even when on a strict diet. However, having a “cheat meal” does enhance the weight loss regimen for most people.  So, rather than indulging in that pint of ice cream that you love, use the cheat meal to the advantage of your one cheat day diet.

Before Your Cheat Day

Your weight-loss tools.

Make a plan
It helps to have a strategy for scheduling your cheat meal. By planning for your cheat day, you will already know what you want to eat. Therefore, you can make adjustments to your calorie intake during the day. Then, enjoy your cheat meal without going overboard.
Get all psyched up
Never feel guilty about getting a cheat meal. Remember, you have been working so hard; you need this. So instead of thinking of it as a cheat meal, refer to it as a “treat” meal.
Have a calorie buffer 
Consider fasting before the “treat meal.” For instance, if you scheduled it for dinner, move your first meal of the day later (like lunchtime).

Workout before cheat meal.

Plan for your pre-cheat meal  
Consume one high-quality, high-protein meal before your cheat meal. Your best choice is high in fiber and low in starch vegetables because they aid digestion.
Never cheat when you are starving   
Some people often “punish” themselves in the gym several days before. Some do not eat anything at all. Then, when it is time for the cheat meal, they overeat, which is not good.

Cheat Day Actions

Sit at a table
It would be best to book a table rather than take a seat at a booth. Likewise, never ask to be seated at the bar while watching TV. Studies show that people tend to eat more when watching television. Therefore, this kind of “distracted eating” may result in binge eating.
Plan what you will order
It is pretty tempting when presented with a menu list because there will be too many options. When you have many options, the tendency is to eat more.
Choose from a menu rather than a buffet  
You should already know what you will order ahead of time. Therefore, stick to what you have in mind and do not give in to the suggestions.
Order the best food for your cheat meal  


Never settle. A high-carbohydrate, moderate protein option may be the right choice. For example, consider steak and potato or spaghetti with meatballs. The choices are pretty endless.
Avoid the worst kind of cheat meal
Never indulge in a high-fat, high-carb meal like a fast-food meal. It is a cheat meal, but it does not mean that you can eat anything you want. For example, it does not matter how much craving French fries; try to control yourself and say no. Even a little junk can ruin your weight loss progress. Alcohol is also unhealthy for you, whether you are on a diet, so stay away from it.
Control your portion
Cheat meals or not, calories still count, and exceeding the required calories can promote weight gain, which you do not want. Therefore, watch the amount of food you eat by limiting your calorie intake.   For instance, if you want a high-calorie cheat meal such as pasta on your one cheat day diet, make sure you order half the restaurant portion to check your calorie intake.


Do not be surprised if you use the bathroom every twenty minutes with the high-sodium restaurant foods. It means you will have a high chance of getting dehydrated, which is terrible for your overall health. To stay hydrated, drink water with your cheat meal. You can also drink lemon water as it has more health benefits. For example, lemon water has antioxidants that help detoxify the body. As a result, your body remains in good shape even after a cheat meal.

After Your Cheat Meal

Be disciplined
Once you utilize your cheat day as a part of your one cheat day diet, you may face other cheating temptations. If not careful, you can easily make it a habit and fall away from your diet with the careless tagline, “You only live once.”
If your friends invite you on a drinking spree, be sure to say no. Or go but do not eat another cheat meal that will ruin your weight loss regimen. Such temptations make many people deviate from their diets and gain unnecessary weight.
Bounce back strong
Even though you are supposed to watch your calorie intake on your cheat meal, you may overindulge and forget all about calories. That said, you will have a lot of calories to burn after a cheat meal.
The best way to go back on track is to start by burning the accumulated calories. Then, perform high-intensity workouts that are perfect for fat burning, which will help you bring back the beast in you. Good examples are heavyweight training, press-ups, and running.
Stay on track


Cheating on your diet at most once per week is good as it helps you regain the lost energy and motivates you more. If you use a cheat meal as a weight-loss tool, it can always work to your advantage.

The bottom line is to stay on track and deal with possible diversions from your meal plan. For example, ensure you only eat healthy cheat meals, avoid overindulgence, and bounce back strong after cheating. Then, if you create a consistent schedule, you will not have a problem going back to your diet after a cheat meal, as many people do.

Remember to cheat at your own risk because it can backfire and ruin your abs if you do not cheat correctly. These tips will help you succeed as you embark on the one cheat day diet without sabotage.

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