Tips To Burn Fat Quickly

Start Exercising First Thing in the Morning

As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should work out for at least 30min to an hour. Studies reveal that morning workouts will burn up to 3x as much fat instead of working out any other time of the day.

Here's Why:

During the day, your body's primary energy source is the carbohydrates you get from eating your meals. As you sleep at night for 6+ hours, your body uses up all those carbohydrates as energy for various bodily functions that go on even while you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, your body does not have any carbohydrates as energy to use, and it will look to burn body fat instead for energy.
For you to take advantage of this morning's fat-burning opportunity, you must exercise first thing in the morning. Do not eat breakfast before exercising because if you do, you will give your body some carbohydrates as a source of energy instead of the body fat you want to burn for fuel.
Another great thing about working out first thing in the morning is that your metabolism gets revved up after your morning workout. Morning workouts keep your metabolism elevated throughout the day. An elevated metabolism throughout the day only means that you will burn more calories and lose more weight.
If you work out at night, you may still burn fat while you work out, but as soon as you go to sleep, your metabolism will slow down, and you will miss out on all the extra fat that you could burn during the day if you had exercised in the morning. When you sleep, your metabolic rate is always at its slowest.
Another reason why it is good to exercise first thing in the morning is that you get the workout out of the way, and working out in the morning will also reduce your level of stress throughout the day.

Advanced Tip:

Want to burn even more fat? Add another workout to your daily routine 4-6 hours after your morning workout. Keep your already high metabolism higher by adding a 2nd workout during the day. If you are seriously thinking about adding a 2nd workout to your daily routine, try to do your cardio workouts in the morning. You mostly burn fat calories when you do cardio at a moderate intensity. Make your 2nd workout of the day training with weights.
Mostly carbohydrate is burned doing weight-training exercises. The muscle that you build from weight training will also help you burn fat. For example, 1lb of body muscle burns 50 calories a day or 1lb of fat every 70 days. Not only will you be burning more calories, but you will also look better – whatever your weight is.


2. Eat Breakfast to Boost Metabolism.


Another way to keep your metabolism revved up all day long is to eat breakfast. As discussed earlier, after you work out in the morning, have breakfast, and you will give your body the perfect 1-2 combination to jump-start your
Eating breakfast in the morning is what gets your metabolism started. Do not skip breakfast and wait until mid-morning or afternoon to eat; your metabolism will run slower, causing you not to burn any extra fat.
Think about it this way-Your metabolism is a fireplace that will burn fat all day long for you if you operate it correctly. So, when you eat breakfast, you throw a log onto that fireplace to get it started burning fat.
Eating breakfast will help stop those cravings you may have later in the day, and along with working out in the morning, eating breakfast will also keep you energized throughout the day and lower stress levels.
Advanced Tip: Instead of eating only two more meals during the day like lunch & dinner, try to eat 4-5 more small mini-meals spaced 2-3 hours apart during the day. Remember the fireplace?
By eating these mini-meals, you will be throwing just the right amount of "wood" on the fireplace to keep your metabolism burning calories throughout the day. So do not shut down your metabolism by eating big lunches or dinners; keep that metabolism of yours burning fat all day long.

Morning Checklist


  1. Work out for at least 30min after waking up in the morning.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  3. Burn fat & lose more weight during the day.
Use these two tips to reveal that six-pack, fit into that dress for an upcoming event like a wedding or reunion, or impress that special someone. Whatever your fitness goal is, the two tips above will surely help you reach them. Get the ebook below to help you embrace healthy eating.
Pat Bracy

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2 years ago

Oh my goodness!!! I am shook to find this out! You can burn 3x more fat in the morning. Your tips are boom! Thanks, I feel so encouraged to set my clock to get up early to take advantage of the early morning burn.

Alvenia Rhodes
2 years ago

Very informative didnt know exercising before breakfast helped metabolism boost and kept it going thanks

2 years ago

Great article on fat burning