Knowledge Of Self

Knowledge of Self


To embrace healthy aging, you must answer a few questions about who you are and what you want. To become your best self, you must know where you want to go. For instance, to see who you are, you must ask yourself some simple, yet challenging questions.


This article, What Is Knowledge of Self, will lead you on a journey of self-discovery. Therefore, answer the questions as honestly as you can.


Who am I?

What do I like?

Do I know what it is that I enjoy doing?

What are my God-given gifts and talents?

What motivates me?

Why do I do what I do?

Am I emotionally connected to what I do?

Where do my thoughts come from, and what do I do with my ideas?

Am I emotionally connected to my ideas?

Are my ideas in my heart or only in my head?


The Value of Self Knowledge


Exploring these questions and answers through self-knowledge will position you to live your best life for the rest of your life. On the other hand, not knowing the answers will keep you stuck doing things just to be doing them.


In other words, you will try to please others with no self-satisfaction. I believe that within each of us is the answer to the question, why am I here? I have lived over half a century doing many great things for others and satisfying many of my accomplishments.


The question I have been asking myself is, what is it that ignites my passion. Just because I have accomplished many things does not mean that I am passionate about my accomplishments. This realization led me to write this article, What Is Knowledge of Self?


I believe that we all will come to a place in our journey on earth to ask one question. That is to say, am I doing what I am here on earth to do? I also believe that the things we are passionate about doing will change over time.


I desire to know who I am and what I want to do at this stage in my life. We are never too old to learn. I want to discover my true authentic self and do what makes me feel great about what I have done while coaching others to do the same.


Seek to Know Yourself


I have always considered myself a researcher of the ideas, topics, and interests that come to mind. In addition, I enjoy exploring ideas from conversations with others. I am grateful for the internet's online courses, which are a catalyst and valuable to me in my quest for learning and knowing.


It has led to my being able to complete many courses without leaving home. Finally, I acknowledge the fact that my likes and dislikes have changed over the years. Thus, I am on ajourney to find out who I am today.


Self Knowledge Is Power


We must ponder our past thirst for learning, creating, and manifesting our passions to move forward with power. For example, the questions to explore are why we did what we did and where we go from here. In addition, we must examine our motives or intentions as we explore the knowledge of self.


If not, we will ask ourselves if we should re-kindle fires in the things we had become so compassionate in doing. The answer for me is no. I do not want to go back, but instead, I desire to reach for what lies ahead.


Therefore, I seek to know who I am and what I want out of life. I believe that we all have desires deep within us that God planted in us at conception. It is up to us to ask, seek and find out what it is.




Through this self-discovery, I changed my focus and put forth the effort to develop a healthy aging website. I have discovered that I want to know more so I can teach others what I know. As a result, my goal is to offer educational and lifestyle tools to assist you in finding your passion as you embrace healthy aging so that you can live your best life.


You will discover your purpose at this stage in your life as you seek self-knowledge. Similarly, you will find out who you are and what you want to do for the rest of your life.


Have you answered any of the questions above? If so, please share. I look forward to hearing your success story as you share your results of exploring your knowledge of yourself.


To dig deeper into who you are and what you want in life, get a copy of my Self-Care Workbook and Manual. The Importance Of Self-Care


Thank you.

Pat Bracy


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2 years ago

Self discovery is the key to moving forward with purpose and passion. I would agree that self reflection is key to understanding direction.

2 years ago

I thank you for this website on healthy aging. I have learned so much about myself

Alvenia Rhodes
2 years ago

Those questions are good never asked myself any questions to find out what I wanted to do who I wanted to be just existed now I can ask those questions an see if what I'm doing is were I need to be