Lose Weight The Easy Way

How to Lose Weight the Easy Way


With a lot of coverage on weight loss online, the monumental task is separating genuine information from fake one. You are on the path to learning the correct way of losing weight if you are reading this article. Of course, your weight loss journey will not always be the same as everyone else's. Especially since factors such as body composition and metabolism come into play. Either way, it should involve reducing calories, being physically active, and planning your diet.


So what are the easy ways to lose weight? Read on to find out more. 


Track everything you eat


Make a habit of logging everything you eat to know the calories you take in a day. You can use a food journal or a calorie tracking app to achieve this goal. Next, compare the average calorie intake results for a normal person (average values depend on gender). If it is above average, consider changing your eating habits. 


Control your environment


Your environment, in this case, will comprise places you stock food or visit to get food. It would help if you chose restaurants with healthy meal options. In addition, stock your kitchen with clean food options as a way of controlling your environment. Plan in advance if you are going to attend a party or an event. Be sure to take a healthy snack to prevent you from starving, and be cautious about your calorie intake.


Have a positive mindset about losing weight


Weight loss is a sensitive topic to many people that requires careful consideration and a positive mindset. Carefully evaluate your reasons for losing weight quickly and set a positive attitude towards achieving those goals. Feeling hopeless or frustrated along the way is normal since you will not lose tons of weight overnight. Instead, your mind will push you to more significant limits with patience, discipline, and persistence. Also, you will find yourself sticking to a strict and easy weight loss routine.


Cut back on processed starches and sugars.


Limiting your consumption of refined starches and sugars will help you lose weight quickly. Start by implementing a meal plan with low carbohydrates or whole grains in the place of carbohydrates. A good low-carb diet will help your body burn stored fat, instead of carbs, for energy. It will also help you lose appetite. 


Start your day with a healthy breakfast.


Since breakfast is usually the most important meal of the day, only eat foods that will keep you full for long. Set a target of consuming a 400 to 500-calorie meal in the morning filled with fiber, fat, and a lean protein source. Foods such as unsweetened Greek yogurt, eggs, whole grains, vegetables, nut butter, and nuts can form part of your breakfast. With these healthy options, you'll have your blood sugar levels stabilized and the chance to lose weight. 


Include lots of vegetables in your meals


One way to lose weight quickly through dieting involves eating many fruits and vegetables (at least 50 percent of what's on your plate). Go for low-calorie and high-fiber ones for you to attain the best results. For instance, you may start your dinner with a bowl of vegetable-based soup or salad to enrich your diet with minerals, vitamins, fiber, and phytonutrients. Your food shopping should mainly involve fruits and vegetables too. 


Take liquid foods cautiously.


Liquid foods such as milk, yogurt, and shakes are also a gateway to helping you lose weight and achieve your dream body. Avoid sweetened drinks and replace them with healthy, low-calorie options such as low-fat milk, coffee or tea, citrus-flavored sparkling water, and low fruit juice and water portions. Alcoholic drinks such as cocktails, beer, and wine may prevent you from losing weight quickly, especially when they're high in sugar and plenty. If you have to accept them, go for low-sugar options and restrict your alcohol intake to weekends only.


Drink plenty of water


Water helps reduce food cravings, combat bloating, and refresh you throughout the day. You can drink it naturally or get it from high-water content foods such as pineapple, tomatoes, grapes, watermelon, and cucumbers. The good thing about high-water content fruits is that they usually have a high amount of fiber that can help you stay full for long. Plenty of water between meals will also help prevent you from wanting to eat more food. 


Get adequate sleep


There's a lot of research demonstrating that getting less than the required amount of sleep (7 to 8 hours) will result in a slower metabolism, which means it will be difficult for your body to burn excessive fat. Furthermore, you'll start feeling hungry when you stay awake for a long time, prompting you to take a snack or meal. Therefore, it would help if you adopt a healthy sleeping pattern as part of your weight loss routine to get the results you deserve. Instead of going to bed immediately after eating, spare two to three hours to allow your body to digest the food. 


Workout from home


When you set your mind on losing weight, you may want to sign up for a gym membership to set your goals in motion. However, you don't have to work out from the gym to burn those extra calories since there are sets of home workouts you can do. Your home workout routine will mainly involve aerobic exercises such as running/walking, squats, plunges, and crunches. You can also buy two 5-pound dumbbells to use when doing the workouts in the comfort of your home.


Since you won't have a personal trainer by your side, it's advisable to research as much as you can on the different exercises that fit your body type and needs. If you have an existing medical issue, talk to your doctor about the variety of safe workouts for you. Weigh yourself often and note down any changes you recorded

In Conclusion


When you first hear about weight loss the easy way, you shouldn't imagine that you'll get the results you desire overnight. Furthermore, with a lot of misinformation and false advertising online, it's possible to fall for gimmicks that guarantee your weight loss in a couple of days. The secret to shedding body fat lies in the level of discipline you observe when following the guide's tips. Results will appear over time as you put everything you learned into practice. 

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below. 
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Pat Bracy


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a year ago

I find that many of the tips provided through this article are absolutely true. Having a made-up mind about your food intake is so important. Eliminating sugars and starches from your diet and taking more green vegetables are so very very important as well. The suggestion to regulate your environment by having healthy eating options available is very helpful.

Alvenia Rhodes
a year ago

This is good I was always told not to count calories because you can get discouraged if you go over your goal or not eating enough then you have to be serious about making the losing goal and like everything else your going to fight to keep going. If you set the right goals for yourself and strictly follow them you will succeed at losing the weight.

a year ago

Limiting my carbs and sugar is key to me losing weight