Common Weight Lost Struggles

Three Common Struggles People Face When Trying to Lose Weight


Losing weight is hard! And you’re not alone if you’re struggling to see a change in the scale or achieve your weight loss goals. It gets even more challenging as we age. It is almost unfair how easy it is to gain weight than to lose it, as we pack on the pounds for various reasons, including health (mental and physical), lifestyle, and habits. This article will help you address the typical weight loss struggles many people face.
It’s like no matter how hard you try, results are not significant enough, or they are non-existent. But why the struggle, and what are some of the biggest roadblocks on the journey to a healthier weight?

You have an all-or-nothing approach.


It’s incredible to have a dedicated, specific, and winning attitude towards weight loss, but often this can set you back because it puts you in an all-or-nothing frame of mind. Many people feel like it’s impossible to miss a workout or that they’ll lose progress by eating a heavy meal. It is one of the most common weight loss struggles. In truth, it’s the smaller, consistent habits and choices you make every day that make the most significant impact.
So what if you were traveling and couldn’t eat clean? Or you took a week off from the gym. You haven’t messed up. You’re human, and you’re just listening to your body’s needs.

You are not eating the right foods.


You could be overeating, eating too little, eating the wrong foods, or eating the right ones in the incorrect quantity. Food is incredibly tricky to navigate around, and this is perhaps where most of us struggle.
Online nutrition coaching with us can help you find the right meal plan, gain knowledge and insight into the right foods for your needs and your goals, and take a more holistic approach to your eating.

Exercise is not really in the equation.


If you’re not exercising, it’s fair to expect results to slow down. It is not to say that diet alone won’t do much, but it will be slower and take longer to show results. Additionally, the results will not be as focused or effectively target the areas you want.
On the other hand, too much exercise can also hinder progress, getting in the way of your body’s recovery and rest. Too much exercise will also affect your performance and tire you out excessively.
Having support and guidance of the right kind is also crucial to your healthy eating and weight loss journey. Not knowing where to begin or how to go about your diet and exercise can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.
Check out the information on Embrace Healthy Aging for more insight.
Thank you.
Pat Bracy


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Alvenia Rhodes
a year ago

Weight loss is a struggle but if you find the right nutritionist and follow what you've learned if you fall off get back on and just keep trying until success I'm still fighting

Alvenia Rhodes
a year ago

This is true get with nutritionist stick with it because our bodies need to be healthy and mind not foggy

a year ago

This article is absolutely correct when it stays that having a all or nothing mentality stops your weight loss journey. I have found that when I only focus on one thing at a time I have better success in maintaining motivation. The three approaches that have been outlined in your article have been very helpful as a reminder and a motivator I continuing my weight loss journey as I age

Queen Young-Wynn
a year ago

Losing weight is very challenging for me especially when I am trying to lose the last 10 pounds. I change my eating habits by eliminating starchy carbohydrates and eat more fruits & vegetables, exercise by walking 3 to 4 days a week and drink plenty of water. Thank you for this article.