Hand Washing Is Your First Defense

Hand Washing Is Your Best Defense.

As cold and flu season is a year-round event and the recent pandemic scares, we all want to do what we can to avoid getting sick. Unfortunately, unlike bacterial infections that can quickly clear up with a round of antibiotics, you often have to ride it out with sicknesses caused by viruses like the flu or the common cold. While medications can help ease your symptoms, your immune system must fight the viral infection. So why not take it easy on your body and do what you can to avoid catching it in the first place.

Wash Your Hands to Avoid Getting Sick.


Your first line of defense to avoid getting sick this year is simple - Wash Your Hands. That's right. The simple act of washing your hands frequently with soap and hot water will limit the spread of cold and flu viruses and your chance of coming down with them. It would be best to practice washing your hands whenever you've been out in public and when you can get through the workday. Wash them before you eat or drink food and when hot water and soap aren't available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 


Most Virus' Comes From Your Hands


Why is this so important? Because you are more likely to pick those viruses up with your hands than any other way. Sure, having someone cough in your face doesn't help, but your chances of getting the flu or coming down with the common cold thanks to contacting a handrail or doorknob are much higher. You pick the virus up by moving about your day. It could be touching the handle of a shopping cart or closing a door behind you. It's now in your hands, which isn't a big problem. It can't enter through the skin there. 


Easier Said than Done: You Should Avoid Touching Your Face.


The problem arises when you touch your face. It happens a lot more than most of us realize. We feel our noses, rub our eyes, or get our fingers too close to our mouths when we eat or cough. The virus makes it to a mucous membrane in any of those areas, and it's right where it wants to be. 


Clean Hands - Less Sickness


That's why it's essential to wash your hands. It isn't some busy work that healthcare professionals give you to make you feel like there's something you can do. Instead, it is your best line of defense. So, remember to wash your hands often. 


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Pat Bracy

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Alvenia Rhodes
2 years ago

The best suggestion to keep all viruses and bacteria to stay away

2 years ago

Very helpful content especially great to reduce infectious disease. As I get older I cherish basic personal hygiene to reduce sickness.

2 years ago

Washing your hands is a defense to fighting diseases

Queen Young-Wynn
a year ago

This article is short with important information. It is a reminder for me to wipe off my door knobs at home and when using shopping carts if there are no wipes available to wipe the handles I need to use my hand sanitizer. Thank you