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Are you feeling stressed lately? Do you feel anxiety and panic creeping up on you? Fret not because you are not alone. Stress can come from many aspects of life, like your relationships, jobs, finances, obligations, duties, schedules, etc. Many of us suffer from stress daily. These stress-free living tips can change your life forever.


Stop Panic & Anxiety Before It Starts


You have the power to live a stress-free life 24/7 if you apply these tips as needed. Below are simple yet effective practices that will help lessen stress to enjoy your life and family.



Every time you feel pressure in your everyday life, you need to breathe deeply. It is the most effective, simple, instantaneous, and stress-reducing technique.


When you feel tired, sit on a comfortable chair. Close your eyes, then take 5 to 10 breaths. Inhale for 5 seconds, then exhale for 5 seconds through your nose.


You will be surprised how you instantly feel relaxed. This simple activity will also restore your attention to the task at hand.


Precisely, deep, slow breaths help to reassure your heart that all is well and there is no need to enter panic mode. In turn, your heart rate stabilizes, enabling adequate blood flow without increasing pressure, which comes in handy to prevent and manage stress.


Perform some stretching exercises.

Stress may cause tension in the body. A quick body stretch will help improve blood circulation when you are feeling stressed. It also refreshes your mind and body.


Stretching exercises relieve muscle tension that results from stress, which helps promote muscle relaxation. In addition, stretching helps reduce mental stimulation, giving you much-needed peace and calm for a good night’s sleep.


To give you an idea, Stand up and stretch your body by holding your hands above your head as if reaching for the roof while standing tip-toed. It will only take about 15 minutes of your time to make stretching movements to relieve stress.


Positive affirmations help.

When you are already stressed, do away with negative thoughts. When you are under a lot of pressure at work, you quickly lose confidence and think negatively. Replace those negative thoughts with positive reviews


Re-channel your energy and remember how good you are when performing your duties and responsibility at work.


It helps to write down at least five positive affirmations. Then, when feeling stressed, repeat these positive affirmations at least five times. Remember how good you are, remember your value, and your strengths. No one can bring you down because you are always positive, even under pressure.


Furthermore, cut off all the toxic people and harmful activities that play a significant role in stressing you. For instance, if your supervisor at work is too controlling, you can request a station transfer or even resign from your job.


Do more of what makes you happy and promotes peace in your mind. For example, call over that friend that makes you laugh or go for a run with your bubbly pet. Your health should come first if you intend to live a stress-free life 24/7.


Make sure to stay hydrated.

The body needs water to function accordingly. If you are under a lot of stress, staying hydrated is essential. Studies are proving that dehydration helps increase the levels of cortisol, also known as stress hormones.


Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to ensure that you are appropriately hydrated, thus keeping cortisol at a lower level.


Staying hydrated also enhances the body’s physiological processes and helps prevent problems such as digestive issues and the build-up of toxins in the body.


Get some fresh air.

Nature is an excellent stress reliever. If you’re in the office, peep outside your window, or when driving, roll down your window and feel the wind touching your face. If you work in an office, use your breaks to enjoy the outside. The air will help you breathe better, boosts endorphin levels, and helps to clear your mind.


A brief walk is advisable, or if you cannot, try opening a window to let in the fresh air. Also, practice deep breaths while you’re outside.


Take a break.

Quick breaks help reduce stress levels. It can also revitalize your thoughts and be in the present moment. Sometimes, working under pressure can raise stress levels, lowering productivity. The best way to revive yourself and become more productive is to take regular short breaks from causing your stress. Take short breaks throughout the day and practice deep, slow breathing.


Chew gum

Chewing gum is a perfect way of enhancing blood circulation in the body, which lowers stress. According to research, people who frequently chew gum naturally have low cortisol levels and lower chances of getting stressed.


Chewing gum while working on a stressful project can help reduce stress and anxiety.


Watch a funny video

A funny video is all you need to crack the loudest laughter, which is good for lowering your stress levels. Fundamentally, laughing helps relax your muscles from tension, promotes blood circulation, and lessens stress.


You can watch a short clip in your office or at home during breaks. A one-minute-long video clip is enough to make you happy and relax your mind for improved productivity.


Sleep adequately

Health experts recommend at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep daily for optimum performance. It helps to relax your mind, rest your body, and refresh you to face new problems and solve them quickly.


Ensure you follow a constant sleeping pattern for maximum benefits. In other words, go to bed simultaneously and wake up simultaneously every day, including during weekends and holidays.


Also, avoid taking sleep inhibitors such as coffee and dark chocolate before bed, and sleep in a dark, warm, and comfortable place for quality sleep. You can also take regular naps during the day. These nine stress-free living tips will promote stress-free living 24/7.

In Conclusion.


Stop and take immediate action when you feel stress creeping up on you. Follow the tips as you experience stress from any of the many aspects of life that causes anxiety. Remember, because we suffer stress daily, we must take action daily. In addition, stress can sometimes lead to other health issues. 


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Thank you.

Pat Bracy

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a year ago

This post has been so helpful. The reality of getting older daily makes me a little stressed at times. Information like this helps me to keep things in prospective. I quickly realized that life is what you make. The way I view life and manage stress will determine the quality of life I continue to enjoy. Thank you for the information.

Alvenia Rhodes
a year ago

This is so good I knew some things but this is great still use with all the family

Laverne Haynes
a year ago

This article came at a point in my life were I am so stressed. I will take heed and apply all steps needed in order to reduce my stress level.

a year ago

Very good tips to use when dealing with stress

Queen Young-Wynn
a year ago

I know that deep breathing is good for relieving stress or anxiety attacks. I did not know that stretching exercises, staying hydrated and chewing gum is good for stress. The next time I am having one of my episodes I will chew gum to see if it helps me. Thanks