Track Your Water Intake

Health Benefits of Tracking Your Water Intake


Drinking enough water and adequately keeping your body hydrated is essential to experiencing overall good health. If sufficiently hydrated, you’re less likely to experience unneeded exhaustion, confusion, and even physical illnesses like obesity, GERD, and other digestive problems. However, like most things, it’s normal to vastly overestimate or underestimate, as the case may be, so the only way to know for sure is to track your water intake.


  • You’ll Lose or Maintain Weight – When you drink enough water, you’ll have less room for food, and your body will not signal hunger as often. However, sometimes the human body signals “hungry” when it’s “thirsty.” It happens because most of us are taught to ignore our internal body signals from a young age, and the body wants to survive, so it pulls out all the stops to get you hydrated.


  • You’ll Stay Cooler in Heat – Your blood contains 20 percent of your body’s water and works like a coolant that you put in your car. It keeps your body temperature regulated to be less likely to suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration.


  • Your Skin Will Look Beautiful – When skin gets dehydrated, it gets ashy, looks dry, wrinkles get more profound, and dig in, causing more lines. It is because your skin’s collagen needs fluid. It is solid, robust, and elastic, which requires enough water to work correctly.


  • Your Mind Will Become Clearer – Proper hydration helps your cells send the right messages to your muscles, nerves, and brain. However, suppose you are even mildly dehydrated. In that case, it will cause you to have a shorter attention span, lower your IQ, and make it harder for you to do things in a coordinated way mentally and physically.


  • You’ll Feel Great and Experience Better Moods – The closer you get to your optimum hydration level, the better you’ll feel mentally, improving your mood substantially. So, if you ever feel moody and off, check your hydration level to find out if that is the reason.


  • You’ll Clear Up Digestive Issues – Your body needs enough water to process and digest your food appropriately. So, if you experience any GERD or constipation, try adding two to three cups (no more than 3) of water to your morning first thing ritual at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else.


These are a few of the vital health benefits of drinking enough water. If you experience these problems, tracking your water intake to ensure you are drinking enough will show measurable improvements after about thirty days. Plus, if you still experience any health issues, you can confidently tell your doctor that you take care of your health and hydration so they can look elsewhere for solutions.


Thank you for reading.

Dr. Pat Bracy

The Importance Of Selfcare

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a year ago

Great article to remind me on the importance of drinking water

Alvenia Rhodes
a year ago

I need to start drinking more water I try not to because of my job dont want to use the rest room and not finish my job

Queen Young-Wynn
a year ago

I need to track my water intake because I do have some of these issues sometimes. It could be I am not drinking enough of water. Thanks for sharing this article.

a year ago

It’s amazing how essential water is to our overall health. Great post very useful information. I had not considered how useful water could be in minimizing the affects of reflux and digestive health.

Laverne Haynes
a year ago

I'm pretty good with drinking water, however, I do not track my water intake to make sure I'm drinking enough water.