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Aromatherapy is an incredible skill to attain. It won't just widen your horizons about the wonders of aromatic essential oils, but your knowledge will also enable you to help others heal.

The online Aromatherapy Certification course will enable you to pursue your dream of helping people.

You can work as a professional and certified aromatherapist from the comfort of your home. Enrolling in this online course will immediately give you access to your syllabus and all the study material.

Here is the best part. You can access the study material and the course remotely, at any time, from anywhere, and through any device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, or laptop)

Here's a highlight of what you will learn throughout the course:


  • Aromatherapy certification program


  • The top 10 essential oils used worldwide, why they're popular, and how to use them


  • Blending aromatic essential oils for aromatic baths, lotions, and others.


  • Learn the guidelines on blending and making therapeutic essential oils.


  • Consulting with clients who visit for Aromatherapy


  • Why you should consider using essential oils and how are they used in clinics and homes worldwide


  • What it takes to master Aromatherapy


  • What to consider when purchasing essential oils and selecting the right storage option


  • Safety guidelines that must be practiced when using and handling essential oils


  • Using essential oils to aid women during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum and what precautions to follow.


  • Diluting single essential oils for therapeutic use


  • Understanding contradictions and therapeutic properties of single essential oils


  • Understanding the use of essential oils to uplift one's mood


  • Using essential oils for stress reduction and mental clarity


  • Using essential oils for muscles, hair, nails, and skin, and how to use them


  • The history of Aromatherapy


  • Learning about the physiology and anatomy of scent and how it is therapeutic for the body.


If you have a passion for learning all of the above and more to excel in your career as an aromatherapist, enroll in this Aromatherapy Certification course today for only $69.99.


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