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Whether you're a professional typist or your job requires extensive typing, taking an online course is a great way to improve your typing skill, speed, and technique.


Many online jobs require accurate typing; whether you're a copywriter, transcriptionist, digital marketer, data entry specialist, journalist, web developer, or chat agent (among countless other professions), your typing skills should be top-tier. Even if your job doesn't require continuous typing, 2+ hours of typing tasks daily still require proficiency. If your typing speed isn't up to par, you could dampen your company's overall efficiency.


Are you looking to boost workplace productivity? Consider planning a typing course for your employees. It is especially recommended for companies heavily reliant on quick, accurate, and deft typing. 


On the flip side, if you're an employee looking to gain an edge over your competition, taking an online typing course and becoming a certified typist will go a long way in impressing your current manager and future employers. You'll also manage to work faster, save time, and impress your boss. 


Typing certification is also recommended for fresh graduates looking to hit the ground running.


At Embrace Healthy Aging, we've collaborated with ExpertRating—an ISO 9001:2015 certified company—to bring you an in-depth online typing course. With intermediate and advanced lessons, the course uses FasType for Windows to help you learn new typing tricks and improve your skills. 


You can also use the program to assess your typing speed. It expertly counts the number of words typed each minute. As the course continues, you'll be able to gauge improvements and set new typing goals.


You'll receive your certification via mail upon completing the final typing certification exam. To prepare for the test and become a proficient typist, you'll receive 24/7 access to the courseware.


Each chapter includes assignments and quizzes to track your performance. You'll also be assigned a friendly and experienced instructor who will walk you through the course and offer guidance. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them without hesitation.


The course is designed to deliver impressive results and is led by expert typing instructor Kathy Van Pelt; the testimonials speak for themselves! From students to enthusiastic candidates to employers to employees, people of all ages, professions, and goals have benefited from ExpertRating's online typing course. Learn more about the course, keyboarding requirements, exam, and dates!


Upgrade Your Skills with Online Typing Courses and Certifications


You're never too old to learn and upgrade your skills. Register in our online typing course with a certificate included today if you've considered expanding your skillset into developing professional talent.


We offer various personal and professional development courses and diplomas that you can benefit from, developing your skills and enhancing your growth. So build your portfolio, expand your horizons, and get the most out of your potential with our typing certification online.


Learn to take notes, improve typing speed, and learn shortcuts, tips, and tricks to work faster and more effectively with our help. 


Broaden your horizons to become the best version of yourself with us. Register today. TYPING CERTIFICATION 


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