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Kick-Start Your Career

If you are passionate about working on yourself and using your insight, resources, and strengths to help others, you can kick-start your career today.


I have partnered with a company to help you obtain internationally recognized certification in professions closely linked to personal development.


If you desire to learn more so you can help others with their personal development, take a look at this. Below is an overview of the in-depth professional and personal development certification courses currently being offered:



You can also launch your own business by obtaining certification in these personal development-related professions:



Do not waste your talent and insight if you have a knack for identifying and resolving complex issues that hinder personal growth. Instead, expand your skill set by learning practical strategies and applying them as a personal development coach.


Depending on your certification, you will receive in-depth knowledge and resources to help counsel your clients and work on your personal development.


Start by identifying your short-term and long-term goals. For example, are you interested in pursuing a career in advanced wellness? Would you like to polish your team-building skills to land better job opportunities?


Are you passionate about becoming an expert health coach? First, look at the next 2–5 years and 10–15 years. Then, choose courses that will help you achieve your goals based on what you envision.


I also recommend identifying your weaknesses. For instance, if you're an etiquette coach but struggle to effectively communicate with your clients, consider taking a communication skills course and etiquette coaching classes.


If there are specific weaknesses you'd like to overcome, make sure you prioritize them and shortlist certification courses accordingly.


You can also build on your strengths to gain an edge in your industry. For example, if you already have excellent leadership skills but want to excel at managing your team, take a leadership course to enhance your abilities.


Ultimately, making an informed decision to be certified will help you ensure long-term growth and success. 


Perhaps you are one of many who need a more guided and structured boot camp program where you can gain the tools to overcome anxieties, negative habits, and doubts that hold you back.




  • You feel life is going in circles, never advancing, despite all your best efforts.
  • Negative self-talk causes you to question your capabilities and blocks progress.
  • You believe your dreams are unreachable, and you lack resources and solutions.
  • You see exciting opportunities but feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to begin.


If so, then check out this self-care manual and workbook:

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Pat Bracy

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