Embrace Healthy Aging With My Recommendations

All of my recommendations are a part of my daily healthy aging regimen. However, I am an Amazon Affiliate and compensated when you purchase. Your cost will not be affected.

Exercise Chair for Your Home Gym

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This chair gives you all you need to get in shape. It is an all-in-one commercial-grade system to use with daily fitness.  So order today and start getting in shape with this chair.  Learn More.

Whole Body Vibration Machine

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This whole body vibration machine will change the way you view exercise.  It is great for cardio workout and weight loss.  Their are many models to choose from but this is my favorite. Learn More

Electric Exercise Horse

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Omg!  This is my favorite  equipment.  It is great for the  abdomials.  This brand is different from the one I purchased ten plus years ago but it does the same thing.  I went in panic mode when I thought my horse was broken.  One of the grands had turned the switch off. Learn More

Chi Machine

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The chi machine is known to stimulate the metabolism and the lymphatic system. I came across this years ago while searching for passive exercise, and it has lived up to its claims. I call it the lazy way to exercise, and I love it. Learn More.

Smart Watch

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This is great product to add to your fitness regimen.  I am not necessilary promoting any particular brand.  However,  I perfer the fitbit and have used it for years to track my steps, heartrate and sleep score.  It will help you keep see where you are and what you need to change.  Learn More.

Foot Detox

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The foot pads are adhesive and are used to deep clean the body.  The  natural bamboo, vinegar and ginger,  powder pads are use at night. They are known to promotes relaxation, relieves stress, pain and improves sleep.  Learn More