Exercise Equipment For Home Workout

Exercise Equipment for Your Home Workout

Keeping yourself fit and active even when you feel cooped up at home with the right exercise equipment is possible. You might think you need lots of space to install large and bulky gym equipment. You might even believe that getting what you need for your home workouts would be expensive. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily the case. However, you can continue building skills in the physical fitness department with a few simple pieces of equipment that you can purchase even when you are on a budget and have limited funds to invest.

Here is a quick checklist of some exercise equipment for home workouts:



These rubber bands in various sizes can help you take your regular exercises to another level. You can use them to increase the intensity of your workouts with varying resistance levels from light to heavy. These bands can be purchased separately or in sets of light, medium, and massive resistance levels. In addition, some resistance band sets come with accessories that allow you to hook up the exercise bands to hanging bars or your door. These are some of the most inexpensive tools you can use, whether you are a newbie just starting your exercise program or a fitness buff.



There is no need for an entire weights station. Several pairs of dumbbells and maybe kettlebells are enough to give your muscles a workout. Although many carry labels from known sports brands, there is nothing fancy about dumbbells and kettlebells. Choose this equipment at varying weights to incorporate into your exercise program. Match the dumbbells and other kinds of exercise weights with specific exercises to give you a total body workout or tone and sculpt muscle groups in the areas of the body.


You are undoubtedly familiar with this as a child's toy in the front yard or on the playground. You may think of this as a plaything; however, a jump rope can be a great tool. You can get a good cardio session with 30 minutes of jumping time. There are routines that you can search for and follow online. Do not judge yourself too hard if you cannot go full-on for the entire duration of the exercise routine you chose. It may not be as simple to do as it looks. Although it does not require complicated movements, it does keep your heart pumping and gives your muscles a killer workout to get you huffing and puffing.


All you need for most stretching exercises and floor work is a mat to give you a comfortable padded cushioned surface and prevent slipping. Do not be confused as to which one to purchase. You will find that there are general exercise mats and mats for yoga and Pilates.
Getting either a mat for general purposes or a yoga mat is more common. You can find yoga mats as thin as 3mm to as thick as 6mm; however, regular exercise mats can be better. These workout mats are sturdy and available in PVC, EVA, TPE, or vinyl. You can choose the most durable floor mat so that it can withstand the intensity of your workouts.

Let's Get That Gym Started


Get grounded on your own goals and circumstances first instead of falling for convincing sales talks on the latest fitness gadgets that promise overnight results. Next, make sure that you are ready to commit to doing the exercises regularly and consistently. You will find that even the most straightforward tools will give you results if you use them properly. However, there are times that even the most expensive exercise equipment will not help you reach your fitness goals if you spend more time on your couch, munching on snacks than you do exercising.
There are many resources available to assist you in developing an exercise routine using the equipment listed above.  You can find no-cost exercise routines in the app store on your phone or search the internet for a reliable way.  If you struggle to stay motivated to exercise, you may want to consider looking for a  PERSONAL TRAINER who will work with you in the privacy of your own home.  
I know that you will benefit from this information if you give it a try.  I look forward to hearing your success story.
Thank you.
Pat Bracy

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a year ago

I have longed to be encouraged to consider more at home work outs.This list has been helpful in allowing me have knowledge of the basic items needed.

Alvenia Rhodes
a year ago

These are the easiest weight training equipment you can have to help you loose weight or even build muscle and very inexpensive