Full Body Vibration Machine

What is a Full-Body Vibration Machine?


A full-body vibration machine is an exercise machine that looks something like a treadmill. However, unlike the traditional treadmill, it does not have a conveyor belt. Instead, the device has an oscillating platform.
When you stand on it, the square platform will vibrate. But, the speed and intensity of the vibrations are under your control. So, how does that give you a whole-body workout?

How a Full Body Vibration Machine Works


A full-body vibration machine vibrates while you are standing on its platform. Combine that with the safety of holding on and maintaining your balance; this exercise machine gives you a different kind of exercise—a full-body workout.
The effort you exert while on the machine simultaneously targets different body parts. Unlike other exercise machines you find in the gym, this machine only focuses on one muscle group or body part.

Benefits of Full Body Vibration Machine


You can perform other exercises while standing on a full-body vibration machine. Some platforms are large enough so you can perform lunges, squats, and other activities. By exercising for 15 minutes a day with this machine, you will gain many fitness benefits.

Improved Muscle Strength


Studies show that using a vibration machine can increase strength in the knee and back muscles. It produces substantial strength gains. It can also improve grip, coordination, and balance.

Increased Results in Less Time


One of the best benefits of a full-body vibration machine is working out more complex and smarter because it allows you to reduce your exercise time. With this machine, you get the same metabolic improvements without spending more time in the gym.
Exercising on this platform for 20 minutes will be the equivalent of the same exercise on a regular training floor for 45 minutes. In other words, you burn the same number of calories in less than half the time.

Exercise Even When Injured


Injuries are common among all athletes, and all athletes hate getting injured. However, you do not need to contact sports like MMA, martial arts, etc., to get sports injuries. The good news is that by just sitting or standing on a full-body vibration machine, you can get a full-body workout for only 15 to 20 minutes a day, even if you are injured.

Maintain Weight Loss 


It is one thing to lose weight and another thing to be able to keep fat away. Unfortunately, some people go through diets and weight loss programs to gain weight after the regimen is over.
Studies show that people who exercise using a full-body vibration machine can better prevent weight gain than regular exercise. The only thing required is that you use this machine routinely.

Improve Coordination and Balance


It is no secret that as people get older, their ability to stay balanced declines. However, with the regular use p of a full-body vibration machine, people can improve their ability to remain balanced even as they age.
These are a few of the significant benefits of a full-body vibration machine. As a result, it is a unique exercise machine with many critical advantages over other exercise machines today.

Is This Machine for You?


See It Here:  The Vibration Machine

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This machine is just what I was looking for when I decided to work clever and not complicated. Do not get me wrong; I am not a lazy person. Teaching aerobic exercise for more than 20 years had become my norm until I discovered the total-body vibrator, which is said to:
Increase Muscle Strength
Improve Circulation
Increase Bone Density
Combat Cellulite
Improve General Fitness
Then I came across a video on youtube that demonstrated to use and discussed the benefits of the machine. So I decided to try it. (You can look it up if you like. The name of the video is "Full body Vibration Machine on The Doctors.")

My Personal Story


I asked myself if I enjoyed exercising or rather I enjoyed the result. When I was in school, I wouldn’t say I liked physical education. We wore the little romper exercise gear if our parents could afford it. However, as I got older, in my early adult years, to be exact, I developed what I thought was a love for exercise. I led several exercise classes and eventually became a certified aerobics instructor. I even taught an exercise class in a local jail.
I jogged around the park daily and then rode my bike immediately afterward. I thought I loved to exercise. Some friends and I started a dance group that encouraged more exercise because we had to dance. I joined the United Naval Reserves, where we continually had to prepare for our annual PT run. Did this mean that I liked to exercise? Not really. It revealed that I wanted to build strong muscles and improve my circulation and general fitness. I tried to increase my bone density and work at stopping cellulite from becoming a problem. Finally, I wanted to feel good that exercising helped me accomplish my fitness goals.


What Was My Motivation?


One day, I pondered owning a machine that I could sit or stand on, allowing it to do the work for me. Of course, I was almost sure such a device did not exist. However, after researching, I discovered a machine called the full-body vibrator. As I read about the benefits of this machine, I decided to give it a try. The best part was I did not have to do anything but stand on the device for about 10 minutes per session.
Some call this lazy, but I call it necessary. This machine increases muscle strength and improves circulation. It improves general fitness, increases bone density, and combats cellulite. These words were like music to my ear. So, of course, I purchased one. I purchased two. One was for home, and the other was for work. A ten-minute workout twice a day does the body good.
If you are like me and are in love with the outcome of exercising, or perhaps you want to get and stay fit with little effort, then this machine would benefit you. Shop Embrace Healthy Aging Products to find a equipment to use on your journey to healthy aging.
Thank you.
Pat Bracy




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a year ago

I have had my full body vibrating machine for a little over a year and failed to use it consistently until now. As I starts using it I noticed a real chanting my muscle tone. I would agree that this machine does exactly as described.

Alvenia Rhodes
a year ago

This is exactly what I need not lazy just doing it differently